Electrical Panel Refurbishment

Electrical Panel Refurbishment

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    Product Description

    Rajveer Electricals offers a vast selection of retrofitting electrical accessories for prompt delivery:
    1. Circuit breakers: Switchgear, molded case, insulated case, air, and circuit breaker parts and accessories.
    2. Low-point to high-point voltage electrical components, parts, and accessories.
    3. Breakers of all types.
    4. Fusible and non-fusible disconnects: Panel mount switches, bolted pressure, and load break switches,
    5. Automatic and manual transfer switches, Switchboards and panel board Starters, contactors, and relays.
    6. Motor controls: Pump panels, motor starters, contact kits, coils, contractors, and motor control center lineups, sections, and buckets.
    7. All other types of discontinued electrical products

    Our certified and quality-assured refurbished electrical equipment covered under 6 months warranty. Our catalog of products is being develop and will be available to the clients soon. Meanwhile, you can contact us today for a quote without any hesitation. Rajveer Electricals strives to deliver higher-calibre, distinctive security solutions to meet clients demands and fulfilling their requirements. We offer cost-efficient solutions to the electrically powered industries providing low point to high point voltage retrofitting electrical accessories, rent and sublease programs, the assembly & fabrication of electrical products and services, and more.

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