EOT Crane VFD Panel

Eot crane vfd panel

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    Product Description

    The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)Control Panel, known as VFD Control Panels, formulated to keep check on the pace of feed pump and electric motor. It is frequency conversion device to control three phase AC motor (including fans and pumps) in variable speed to save energy. It largely used in drilling, pumping and other huge machine applications of extruder plants, rolling Mills, tube mills, paper mills, cable industry and Cut-To-Length Lines.

    The processes in industries & machinery manufacturers requires an electrical panel to adjust the momentum of the motor which can use as energy saving device and power saving in machine during no load. VFD used as final controlling elements of the closed loop control application where the speed of the motor changed to control one parameter. Some of the machines provided with manual speed control of the motors. These are the open loop checking applications.

    Why VFD based Panel?

    • Power Switching and Protection.
    • Visual Control.
    • Security protection.
    • Adjustable Speed.
    • Standard Applications.

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