Motor Control Panel

Motor control Panel

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    Product Description

    We have experience in designing motor control panel to your requirements. Utilizing soft start units, variable speed drives, PLC’s, interfacing with instrumentation and providing telemetry to calculate distance.

    Rajveer Electricals Motor Control Panels features:
    • Direct-on-Line (DOL) motor starter up to 18.5 kW as standard.
    • Star-Delta motor starter from 7.5 to 30 kW as standard.
    • Single and Dual motor/pump control;
    • 2 and 3 wired automatic start-stop control for use with level switches and process instrumentation.
    Direct-on-Line Motor Starter

    It is an elementary form of motor starting, which applies full-line voltage directly to the motor terminals when the motor required to run. Generally used on smaller motors, when the starting surge current does not cause any adverse voltage drop of the supply. The supply circuit usually behests the maximum size of the motor which is efficient to start using DOL method. Three power conductors utilized to combine the motor to the starter, and applications which include pumps, fans, and compressors.

    Star-Delta Motor Starter

    It is a form of 400/600 V 3-Phase motor starting large for use motors with DOL starters. A star-delta starter implies the supply voltage to the motor in 2-stages: The first stage, the motor connections in a star structure resulting in reduced torque, and reduced current surge and voltage drop on the supply circuit. After the motor has begun to run up to speed, in the second stage switches the motor circuitous from a star to delta structure.

    It causes second surge to the supply circuit, but will be lower than that of a DOL starter. Caution must take in authorizing to set the time delay in between Star and Delta to suit the application and reduce the starting surges as far as possible. The appropriate type of motor must prefer where the delta configuration voltage, matches the supply voltage. 6 power conductors need to use to combine the motor to the starter as with DOL, applications which include pumps, fans, and compressors.

    Single and Dual Motor Starter

    Single and Dual motor starter connected in the same way as DOL starter and thought as an electronic system offering similar or enhanced, benefits of the Star-Delta starter. When the motor runs, voltage supplied at the low level and smoothly ramped to full voltage. This results in the easy start for the motor, controlling torque and current peaks.

    Its models have the flair to control a start-stop of the motor, and high-end models offer torque, control and motor protective functions beyond the thermal overload relay associated with DOL and Star-Delta starters. When the motor is to full speed, a bypass contractor is usually employed to switch the start-out of the circuit thus reducing maintenance schedules and maximizing the life of the start unit and applications including motors and carrier systems.

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