Single Girder EOT Crane

single girder EOT Crane

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    Product Description

    Single Girder EOT cranes are the most affordable purchase for capacity up to 20 tons and 18 meters bridge. Single Girder EOT crane is classified into 3 types:

    1. LD Single Girder EOT Crane.
    2. LHR Single Girder EOT Crane.
    3. LDP Single Girder EOT Crane.

    It is mostly used for generic workshop, warehouse, material yard, etc. in which lifting mechanism is matched with CD (single lifting speed)/MD (double lifting speed) electric hoist.

    It consists of the following parts:

    • End trucks- Situated at either side of the Bridge, the end trucks house the wheels on which the entire crane transits. These wheels travel on the runway beam allowing access to the entire length of the bridge.
    • Bridge girders- The principal leveled beam of crane bridge that backs up the trolley and is supported by end trucks.
    • Hoist- The hoist is attached on the main girder which is of two basic types. 1) Wire rope hoist which is very dependable, provide durability and stable usage, and 2) Chain hoist, that are used for lesser capacity, lightweight duty applications and for projects in which expense is the basic decisive factor.

    Single Girder EOT Crane’s Features:

    • high reliability components
    • excellent operating performance
    • specially designed
    • suited for general work
    • highly effective
    • low operation noise

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