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    Product Description

    We offer array of EOT Crane Services which are as:

    1. Annual Maintenance Contracts.
    2. Crane Health Assessment.
    3. Modifications & Retrofitting.
    4. Crane Repair and Maintenance.
    5. Relocation of Cranes.
    6. Crane Safety Certification.
    7. Crane Site Services.
    8. Crane Spares.
    9. EOT Crane Engineering.
    We provide Crane Repair and Maintenance Services for the owner of industries. Our beneficial maintenance services allow our Clients and customers the easy and hassle-free operation of Cranes. Our services sustained by highly skilled & dedicated technicians, hence acclaimed for accuracy and speediness.
    Rajveer electricals technical experts and service engineers are not hesitated in getting their hands dirty, when it comes to the matter of maintenance. Repair and maintenance services comprises of – Breakdown maintenance, Periodic Preventive Maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contracts or Annual Maintenance Contracts, and Predictive maintenance.
    Maintenance Services for Electrical System comprise of substitution of motor slip rings and carbon brushes, refurbishment of panel and replacement of worn out parts, cleaning of panels and resistance boxes, replacement of broken cables and cable dressing, and setting of overload relays and limit switches.
    We specially designed in Health Check Up/ Safety Audit of any types of EOT Cranes. Our proficient Engineers experienced enough in designing, formulating or maintenance of cranes with adequate knowledge of the regulations and standards. Qualified Engineers can judge the safe condition of the crane and take decision about safety measures to exercise to ensure further safe operation.

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